SoulFull is a workshop which brings together the concepts of pop-up restaurants, group coaching and community building and activism. I believe that in order to create lasting transformatioin and wellbeing in your life, you need to work on multiple areas at once. We are not one-dimensional beings. Everything is intertwined and so often different areas of our lives intersect so in order to improve in one area we need to work on several. This is why so often when we try to improve our health, for example, by working on our eating habits we fail because we arent also taking into account our beliefs and attitudes about food and the support system we have in place. SoulFull takes this into account by aiming to create growth in several different areas of life in order to create lasting change. In my work, I have found that the four most important areas of life that when worked on together can create total wellbeing are healthy eating, mental and spiritual wellbeing, being a part of a community and giving back to society. In this one night event, you will get an exquisitely prepared menu of healthy and organic foods with the accompanying recipes so that you can try them at home. The meal will be eaten in a communal/family style setting with activities and conversations meant to provoke thought, inspire, and create lasting friendships. To wrap up the evening I will give a 30-45 minute talk on a selected topic surrounding mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing. Past talks have included limiting beliefs, projection work, how to be in relationship with others, navigating life challenges, and living with purpose. In addition, 10% of all the proceeds go towards providing the same healthy meal to a homeless community in the Bay Area.

If you are hosting an event, incorporating SoulFull is the perfect way to feed your guests while inspiring intimate connection.  



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